Bali Sprit

The final leg of my journey was the Indonesian paradise island of Bali for the Bali Spirit festival – another ‘yoga’ festival, but also with other movement-based healing practices and activities like Breathwork and Ecstatic dance. Quite a different atmosphere from India, very westernised and dominated by Americans and Australians.  Put it this way I didn’t need to worry about if I was wearing too little clothing anymore!

I had the best time, hanging out and meeting so many interesting people.  And as a lone female traveller I felt completely safe, which is not something you can say about many places in the world I think.  I was having such a lovely time that I decided to change my flight and stay for another 2 weeks (I know, what a diva! Apparently it has a name – the ‘Bali Effect‘).  This meant I could actually explore the island after having been living and breathing the festival for a week.  I documented the festival and also got to work with some yoga teachers out there, as well as visit different parts of the island and absorb some tropical paradise vibes before flying back to the UK.

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