Goa Delight

My next stop after Rishikesh is in Goa, where I have come to hang out with my friend Daniela Olds, london-based Rocket and Yin yoga teacher launching her first yoga retreat.  Set in a chilled out Goan beach village, it is a welcome respite from the craziness of north Indian travel!  Rocket Yoga is a very powerful and dynamic vinyasa practice, and Daniela also incorporates some graceful barre sequences into the practice too.  A strong morning practice was complemented by daytime trips out and about and gentle evening yin classes.  In Yin yoga practice there is no pushing, you allow gravity to do the work of opening up the body in various seated poses which are held for about 5 minutes.  Much to my delight we were staying here during Holi festival, so we had our own colourful celebration on the beach with our new friends managing the hut we were staying in.  It was so. much. fun.  Check out the snaps.


The International Yoga Festival 2016

A year or so ago, during a period of increased emotional stress and anxiety I started spontaneously doing yoga again. Having only dabbled over the years, this time yoga seemed like the only way to deal with what was going on and I immediately got absorbed by this new world of inner balance and Lululemon leggings. On a mission to dive deep and learn more I decided to explore some yoga festivals around the world, in particular in the UK, India and Bali.  I wanted to visit the ‘home’ of yoga.  I wanted to do it like the Indians did.  So I took myself to Rishikesh, north of Delhi for the annual International Yoga festival, packed with my camera and a press pass to document and practice.

Nothing could prepare me for the intensity on the senses that India bestowed on me.  It wasn’t exactly an easy trip, but I definitely got what I had asked for, an adventure, and an immersion into and history of yoga.  I found a teacher who’s style seemed to fuse martial arts techniques with the science of the body that the yogis have come to perfect, and who’s practice had me weeping in profundity.   I listened to one of my favourite spiritual teachers speak (Mooji- who hails from Jamaica via Brixton, representing!), and I explored the area around the sacred River Ganges in the foothills of the Himalayas where there are an abundance of ashrams and meditation centres to help you ‘find the guru within’.  A few snaps from the journey…